On The Gender Revolution

Check it out, y'all, regardless of how you feel about personal progress and individual freedom, and frankly, most of y'all should vibe with this since you're friends with me on this digital interface, it seems as though results from yesterday's elections show that we are on the move up the Gender Revolution Mountain--pardon the phraseology--and you should be happy about this. Like Women's Lib (A fight in which we are still seeking equality in areas like pay and rights to choose, etc.) and the Civil Rights Movement (is it really about the flag? 😳) Gender Fluidity and Non Conformity is RIGHT NOW. It's just beginning. This is the frontline. And speaking for myself, I know I'm still exorcising aspects of Patricarchy from my being and other Neanderthal behaviors that are hurtful to myself and those around me but I see this Gender Movement as critical and necessary and beautiful. Even though I teach and work with numerous young people and adults who identify as something other than your (my) eyes would lead you (me) to believe and I'm open-minded like a muh, I've called them what I believe their gender to be versus what they've identified as their preferred gender pronoun, I see how important it is to honor them by hearing, respecting and acting on their ability to self-determine. I strive to be better in this area especially and I'm happy to see the few communities who've chosen to elect trans folks and other members of various minority groups who are certainly not minorities from anything other than the white supremacist / dominant culture perspective. So, if you're still reading this, and you should be because it's smart and well written, set aside your hardwired traditions founded in the outdated fuckery known as colonial/patriarchal/religious beliefs and embrace your brothers and sisters and people who are non-binary regardless of the things that have been used to separate us up to right now. And tell em El Gran Cukuruku sent you. Shouts to y'all for witnessing my growth and I look forward to witnessing yours. Special shouts to Mel, Shirley and Meredith for holding me down.

#TogetherIsBetter #Bcode #LionMane