My Bio.

 I was recently asked to participate on a panel that was thoughtfully constructed to discuss how Embracing Disruption and Self-Care are virtuous acts. I was honored and humbled. Part of being a panelist was creating a bio. Something I have been asked to do in the past as an aspiring musician/artist but have never really taken seriously. This time around, as I recently decided to depart with all of the aliases, pseudonyms and nom-de-plumes--I wanted to approach my bio as an opportunity to introduce my self and my philosophy to the "world" as it were. The funny part about all this was that before I made this new commitment to myself with regards to my name and my desire to be more upfront and public about my philosophy, I already sent a bio over to my boy Dave who is the person who asked me to be on the panel. So when I saw it a few weeks after I sent it, and after I made that re-commitment, I kind of chuckled to myself as I read the semi-tongue-in-cheek bio I wrote. I stand by 99.8% of it. Enjoy:

 "[Former Alias] is a NuYoRican Love Warrior who is purposely vague about details in writing and elusively nonspecific about his accomplishments and past money making endeavours. He is best known for being a rebellious creative who seizes every organic opportunity to introduce a little chaos to most experiences. Concerned with cultivating imagination and inspiring self-confidence within those in his immediate vicinity, he is a truth-seeking, freedom-fighter who devotes near 100% of his time to raising his two toddlers affectionately called The KiLLaBeez with his equally impressive life-partner and wife Mel. He's no stranger to a stage or a mic, you can catch some of his current material on YouTube if you search for "MidnyteSnax." Enjoy the rest."